Innovative products

Innovative products only found through broker channels are creating opportunities for many. Don’t discount the power of an experienced Ottawa mortgage broker and the vast array of Innovative products and services they have to offer.  Jennifer Rossides, together with her network of lenders can truly deliver innovative products to the marketplace.  Above all, take advantage of her knowledge, experience and product suite.Innovative Products
The rules around mortgage lending have become tighter. Lenders have been “forced” to be creative. One such innovative product brought to market is an “Interest-Only Mortgage”. Reception for this product has been extremely positive for the niche market it is serving. It is all about providing clients with a lower monthly payments that allows them to free up cash flow.
With the tighter rules and the escalating real estate prices, clients can’t afford the monthly carrying costs.

Innovative Products can Help

Creativity in the mortgage business has been stagnant for a few years. Innovative products such as the Interest Only mortgage are being used by people who want to invest or people who have various lifestyles, like cyclical income.  Taking a lower interest rate on your mortgage and using cash flow from that investment for a savings nest is one way. Furthermore, these innovative products are ideal for real estate investors due to the new rental laws. You simply can’t increase rent on your tenants, but at the same time you want to control your costs.

Understanding these innovative products

This is just one of many advantages of working with an experienced Ottawa Mortgage Broker. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of working with a mortgage professional for all your financing needs. As always, Jennifer Rossides Ottawa’s mortgage expert will discuss with you your personal financial and lifestyle situation.

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